About Us

We are researchers and educators with a diverse array of specialties who quickly became aware of the enormous educational value of open-source 3-D printing technology. We pioneered 3-D printer assembly workshops for educators and designed the printer specifically for use in classrooms.


Keeping the technology cutting-edge while developing capabilities that maximize educational value.

Steeped in STEM

3-D printers and solid modeling software are rich playgrounds for learning and exploring STEM concepts


Building one of our kits following detailed online instructions frees you from the “no user serviceable parts inside” blackbox paradigm so prevalent with modern technology.

"... my skill has improved enough from building the printer that I no longer assume that I cannot fix something and am finding that the transfer of skills in building the printer is carrying over in other areas. I am planning on repairing the [leaky] faucet myself when I have a block of time over a weekend this fall."
-Patty Paxton, Armada Area Schools-


Turn an idea into an object in record-setting time. You and your students will be captivated by the process of designing, testing and refining the design using this incredibly powerful technology. Learning and applying complex concepts just happens, driven by that defining human trait: the desire to create.

All of our designs
and the software
we use are open-source and freely available

Affordable & Extensible

Educators enjoy exceptional value. The printer design and its capabilities are the subject of on-going research at a leading technological university, so new features and capabilities are regularly produced. Building and operating the printer grants you insight into how to make it even better or capable of doing things other than printing – it can be much more than just a 3-D printer.

Please visit our sister site, Phidias, LLC, to purchase kits.

Since the designs are open-source, you are completely free to make the printer yourself:

Our kits include only the highest quality components – stainless steel fasteners, hardened steel guide rods, Baltic birch wooden components and quality electronics assure that the printer will be reliable and robust.



We provide kits and facilitation for 3-D printer workshops where educators assemble and commission their printers and receive an introduction into the myriad open-source tools available to help them maximize the educational value of the package.

Client Appreciation


Open-source is all about community and that community actively supports its inhabitants. Our support forum and blog are specifically intended for educators using our technology in the classroom. The assembly instructions are exceptionally detailed and have been tested and refined in workshops and by individual builders.

Please contact us for more information: